Dan Schneier and Allie Sprio-Winn co-founded Camp Hero with the goal of faithfully recreating the beaded souvenir belts they had as kids. To make the vintage inspired pieces the New York City based design duo draw inspiration from their love of the “outdoors and roadside American.” But these are not poorly constructed replicas of tourist trinkets. Camp Hero products are designed and assembled in the USA using beadwork done by hand in partnership with a woman’s cooperative in Central America. So when it comes to fashion everything old is new again but this time it’s just that much better.

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Camp Hero Camo Belt $165


Camp Hero Black Diamond Belt $165


Camp Hero Compass Belt $165


Camp Hero Leonard Skybird Rainbow Multi Belt $165


Camp Hero Surf Belt $165


Camp Hero Rockaway Belt $165


Camp Hero Montauk Belt $165


Camp Hero Malibu Belt $165