Club Monaco X Lotuff


Club Monaco just added the artisanal leather goods line Lotuff to the ever-expanding selection of their Made in the USA program. Three of the Providence-based company’s most popular styles are now available at select Club Monaco stores and online. The Working Tote, Duffle Travel Bag and the English Leather Brief, like all Lotuff pieces, are handmade in New England using the finest quality vegetable tanned leather.

Only about 10% of all the leather produced in the world is vegetable tanned. This unique process allows the leather to develop its own patina, changing gradually in appearance over time. Lotuff purposely does not disguise minor imperfections in the leather with paint sealers or artificial finishes, using only clear dyes to enhance the character of each hide. The mix of hardwearing leather, time-honored craftsmanship and understated silhouettes allows Lotuff to produce bags that are as elegant as they are rugged.


Club Monaco X Lotuff Tote Lotuff Leather Tote $750.00 From Club Monaco


Club Monaco X Lotuff Duffel Travel Bag Lotuff Duffle Travel Bag $1,100.00 From Club Monaco


Club Monaco X Lotuff_Brief Lotuff English Leather Brief $1,100.00 From Club Monaco