Filson Cruiser 100 Years


In 1912 Clinton C. Filson designed the first version of the now iconic Cruiser. Originally created for outdoor activities and occupations including logging, hunting and fishing, the jackets proprietary wax finish, durability and rugged functionality have made the Cruiser a favorite for generations. From the classic Tin Cloth jacket and heavyweight wool Double Mackinaw to the lightweight Cotton Chambray shirt, the many variations keep the Cruiser relevant and endlessly appealing.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Cruiser, Filson will give away one Cruiser every week throughout the month of March. Details are available here.


Filson Cruiser Seattle Vignette

Filson Cruiser Seattle Fit

Filson Cruiser Alaska Vignette

Filson Cruiser Alaska Fit

Filson Lined Short Cruiser Jacket

Filson Cruiser Jacket Tin Cloth

Filson Cruiser Chambray Shirt

Filson Cruiser Mackinaw


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