Bruce Weber for Shinola 02


Shinola teamed up with renowned fashion photographer Bruce Weber to create a series of images that celebrate the sprint of Detroit. A decade after his first trip to the Motor City, the fashion photographer returned to find a city brimming with “a real sense of optimism.” The resulting ad campaign features Weber’s longtime muse Carolyn Murphy alongside Shinola’s neighbors, colleagues and collaborators.

While Weber is responsible for some of the most iconic images of our age, the inspiration for these ad’s was personal.
“I’m a small town boy, and I like to think that those values I had growing up in the Midwest taught me a few things. First—respect your neighbors. Second—if someone is in trouble, it’s important to be there for them. Third—if you throw away something on the street, it’s as if you’re littering in your own backyard. I feel a responsibility to be there for my team, to be a role model for the people I work with. When we go on the road together, into towns we don’t necessarily know, I try to be a good representative of the people I am working for, as well as my other friends who are photographers.”


Bruce Weber for Shinola 03


Bruce Weber for Shinola 04