Sunspel spent months developing their fall collection, Japanese Autumn, English Winter. Inspired by an archival photo of Englishmen visiting Japan, the British firm took the opportunity to explore their long relationship with the Far East. Striving to preserve ancient traditions while incorporating new innovations, Sunspel researched the techniques and processes of the ancient Japanese craft tradition of indigo dyeing, which paralleled the medieval European equivalent, woad dyeing.




Both indigo and woad dyeing techniques have been used for centuries to achieve the perfect shade of blue. Indigo dyeing is one of the oldest processes used today. Only a handful of dye studios in Japan still use the traditional technique. Master dyers hand dip each garment in yellow dye and then expose the garment to the air, turning the garment blue. The process is repeated fifteen times until the garment achieves the desired shade. Woad dyeing has been used since Neolithic times and has a long history in Britain. As with indigo dyeing, the garment is submerged in the dye several times until the desired color is achieved. Each time it is raised and lowered the color becomes deeper and richer. Once the garment hits the air it turns yellow, then green before finally turning the perfect shade of blue.

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