Ben Affleck’s charitable organisation, the Eastern Congo Initiative, and ‘One for one’ shoe brand TOMS have collaborated on a limited edition footwear collection that will aid children and families in war-torn central Africa. In an effort to raise funds and awareness for Eastern Congo Initiative’s (ECI) grass-roots efforts TOMS created three signature styles (two for men, one for women) in Congolese-inspired textiles and will donate $5 from each pair of shoes purchased to the initiative. As with all TOMS shoes purchased, a child in need will receive a new pair of shoes for every shoe sold.

The Eastern Congo Initiative is a non-profit that provides developmental aid and advocacy for community based organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ECI believes that local, community-based approaches are essential to creating a sustainable and successful society in eastern Congo.

Getting involved in something, helping others, improving the fabric of the universe – I believe if you do that, even just a bit, I think you’ll find your life gets better, too.
– Ben Affleck


TOMS_Ben-Affleck_Desert_Botas ECI Stripe Men’s Desert Botas $79.00 From TOMS



TOMS_Ben-Affleck_Classics ECI Stripe Men’s Classics $59.00 From TOMS



Ben Affleck, co-founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), talks about the partnership between his organization and TOMS, the One for One company that gives shoes to children in need.