New York artist Wes Lang created an exclusive collection of limited edition engraved Rolex watches for London’s Bamford Watch Department featuring his signature tattoo influenced style engraved on the watch cases and bracelets. The collection includes the Rolex Submariner, the Rolex Milgauss and a two toned Rolex GMT-Master II. The collaboration also includes a distinctive and highly collectible wooden watch box designed by Lang.

Wes Lang, whose controversial works include painting, illustration and collage, is especially known for his extraordinary portraits of Native Americans and use of macabre imagery. Brooklyn based Lang grew up in Chatham, New Jersey, and is associated with Zieher Smith Gallery in Chelsea, New York (currently closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy).

“I like to take American history and then completely ignore it. I come at it visually, taking images and telling my own story. It comes out of criticism and great love. There are problems [with America], and we all know that, but I’m attracted to the dark side of things.” – Wes Lang


All images above courtesy of Bamford Watch Department

All images below courtesy of Wes Lang Studio