Summer is in full swing and on hot and humid days nothing is more breathable and breezy than a linen t-shirt or henley. Linen looks great even when it wrinkles and sweat marks show up less on linen than they do on other fabrics. Not only is linen 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton but it can absorb 15% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp.

When shopping for linen be sure to find out whether the material is pure linen or a blend. Pure linen is cool and durable but being a natural fabric it has little elasticity and has a tendency to sag and wrinkle – which could just be part of your look. Linen is often blended with cotton or other fabrics to reduce wrinkles and sagging.

Here are some great casual linen shirts to help you beat the heat in style.

Above from left to right: Linen T-Shirt Was $35.90 Now $29.99 From Zara
Balmain Linen Jersey T-Shirt $298.00 From



Above from left to right: Vince Stripe V-Neck Linen & Cotton T-Shirt Was $85.00 Now $41.90 From Nordstrom
Joe’s Jeffick Pocket V-neck Linen T-Shirt $66.00 From Nordstrom



Above from left to right:
Nonnative Drifter Pullover Linen Chambray Shirt With Made In Japan Was $394.00 Now $265.00 From Haven
Levis Vintage Clothing 1920’s Henley Tee In Ecru Cotton/Linen Blend Was $110.00 Now $64.00 From Haven



Top row from left to right: Linen V-Neck T-Shirts In Scallop & Licorice $168.00 From John Varvatos
Botton row from left to right: Short Sleeve Linen Crew Neck T-Shirt In Glacier & Black $158.00 From John Varvatos