The traditional Hawaiian shirt, known as the Aloha shirt in Hawaii, is a camp shirt featuring brightly printed island themed fabrics. This internationally recognized symbol of Hawaii has been popular on and off the islands since the 1930s. The term “aloha shirt” may have started as street slang in the early 1930s to describe shirts featuring Oriental and Hawaiian designs that were being produced by Honolulu tailors. Today, designs include traditional floral and Polynesian motifs as well as full island scenes or automotive (Rag & Bone) and cocktail themes made popular by textile designers in California.


Above From Left To Right:
Reyn Spooner Onomea Was $83.00 Now $49.00 From Aloha Shirt Shop
Reyn Spooner Palms in Royal Blue $60.00 From Aloha Shirt Shop
Reyn Spooner Mala Pua In Spooner Kloth $80.00 From Aloha Shirt Shop


With the current popularity of prints the Hawaiian shirt is having a moment. GQ recently profiled the consulting designer for Reyn Spooner, know as the “Brooks Brothers of the Pacific.” Spooner (above) makes a classic shirt with modern proportions. MCQ, YMC and Rag & Bone (below) have all designed more traditional versions of the shirt each with their own unique twist. McQueen’s shirt is Gothic (surprise), YMC’s has Orientalist feeling and Rag & Bone’s is straight from California with a picture of Snoop Dogg’s Cadillac. Asos has a wide variety of both traditional and modern Hawaiian shirts available online. Below are two of their best, including a pull-over version, with modern prints and proportions.



Above From Left To Right:
McQ Alexander McQueen Brid Print Cotton Shirt $400.00 From Mr. Porter
YMC Hawaiian Inspired Linen-Blend Canvas Shirt $195.00 From Mr. Porter
Rag & Bone Relax Fit Hawaiian Print Rayon Shirt $175.00 From Mr. Porter



Above From Left To Right:
ASOS Floral Print Button Down Cotton Shirt $36.45 From ASOS
ASOS Hawaiian Print Cotton Pullover With Button Collar $41.43 $29.00 From ASOS



Above From Left To Right:
Kahala Tropical Vine In Blue Cotton Poly Blend $82.00 From Aloha Shirt Shop
Kahala Tropical Vine In Red Cotton Poly Blend $82.00 From Aloha Shirt Shop