Want to keep the work wear trend going into the Spring? Here are three great options starting with Alexander McQueen‘s perfect interpretation of the work wear trend. With all the tailoring you expect from McQueen and a few details you would not expect, a short sleeve with a placket. The Shipley & Halmos washed chambray shirt is about $200 less but doesn’t look it. Beautifully detailed inside and out at a great price. If it comes down to price… at $40 (on sale) the ASOS light chambray is cheaper than a bar tab.  

Above: Alexander McQueen Short Sleeved Chambray Shirt $365.00 from Mr. Porter




Shipley & Halmos Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt $170.00 From Barneys Or Shipley & Halmos



Asos Light Chambray Short Sleeve Shirt was $50.13 now $39.39 From ASOS