Most guys who are familiar with the Michael Bastian brand have known two things to be true: First, unlike many fashion shows, you can wear everything that comes down the runway. Second, if you have priorities other than your wardrobe, like paying your children’s tuition fees, you may not be able to afford anything that comes down the runway. After a recent re-launch the prices for Bastian’s main line have come down. The clothes are still amazing and now, slightly, more affordable. If you still insist on sending your children to school or paying your mortgage before updating your wardrobe there’s always Gant by Michael Bastian. This collaboration offer Bastian’s urban prep look at a lower price point. The line includes many of the perfectly proportioned wardrobe basics that Bastian is known for.

From left to right, top to bottom
Michael Bastian Denim Tux Shirt $350 From Mr. Porter
Cotton Blend Tapered Cargo Pants $545.00 From Park & Bond
Gant By Michael Bastian Tuxedo Shirt $245.00
Olive Skinny Cargo’s (Was $275.00) Now $110.00 From
Michael Bastian Low Waist Cargo Shorts $710.00 From TheCorner
Stripe Denim Shorts $365.00 From Park & Bond
Gant By Michael Bastian Camo Cotton Shorts $198.00
Greg Cord Shorts $298.00 From



Gant by Michael Bastian